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Makeup Tips for Creating the Perfect Eyebrows


If your eyebrows don’t look quite the way you want them to, but you’re not confident in your tweezing abilities, try using makeup to shape your brows and fill them in.  Defined eyebrows help frame the entire face and bring out your eyes.  Many celebrities and models are currently sporting full, dark eyebrows for a dramatic look.  Using makeup to transform brows allows you to experiment with a variety of looks, and mistakes are easy to erase.

Eyebrow powders (or even eyeshadow in a closely matched shade) are terrific for filling in empty spots and creating a uniform brow.  Use a matte powder so brows don’t look too shiny or glittery.  Apply powder with a thin wedge or liner brush, and use short strokes between the hairs for a natural look.

Eyebrow pencils are the most precise, but make sure you use one with a smooth texture and a soft, dry finish.  Sparse areas can be filled in with fast, feathery strokes.  Avoid pencils with a greasy texture that can mat down brow hairs.

Eyebrow gels can give brows a more full appearance with natural definition.  Brow creams and pomades help tame long brow hairs that don’t want to stay in place.  Apply slowly to avoid using too much product.

Start with clean, dry eyebrows, and brush upwards with a spoolie brush (a spoolie brush resembles a mascara wand) or a very fine-tooth comb to find areas that are uneven and to determine the natural shape of the brow.  Start defining the shape you desire with a pencil, then fill in more with powder.  Don’t fill in the inside corners too much, and don’t make the outside ends too harsh-looking.  The gel or cream will hold the hairs in place.

Makeup can give your eyebrows a dramatic and stunning transformation.  For more information, please contact:


The Salon Professional Academy

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