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Textures, Tapered Cuts Highlight Men’s Hair Trends for 2018


Men’s hairstyles will continue to evolve into the new year. While popular styles in 2017 included shorter cuts with enhanced textures, 2018 will see more men sporting medium length hair in a variety of styles.

Tapered haircuts work for short, medium-length, and curly hair. The fade will continue to be popular, as well-trimmed necklines offer a neat, polished look. Longer hair lengths will be evident with fuller, pompadour-inspired styles that are attractive and easy to create.

The textured crop, a modern look that works with most hair types, serves to thin out thick hair or bulk up thin or fine hair, while offering a natural look for wavy or curly locks. Bangs can be short or long, and may be cut straight across or worn to one side.

The “hipster” look will also continue into 2018. Longer hair will be worn in looser styles, including hair worn forward instead of slicked back. A long crop with a lot of texture and a fade in the back will be popular. For those who choose to slick their hair back, the hair will be longer, higher, and full of texture.

A pompadour with a fade is a modern take on the retro look; one alternative is to style the hair on top into spikes. Mohawks are another growing trend, as individuality and creativity are expressed through men’s hairstyles. Even buzz cuts are popular, with designs being created by being shaved against the scalp so they’re visible through the hair.

Choosing the hairstyle that will work best depends on a man’s hair type, the shape of his face, and the amount of time he’s able to spend on his hair each day. Before making a change, bring in a photo and talk with your barber or stylist about how your desired look will work for you. For more information, please contact:

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