Peaceful Transition at End of Life


For many seriously ill patients, hospice care offers a more dignified and comfortable choice for their final journey of life. Hospice care is a compassionate approach to end-of-life care that enables the patient to live as fully and as comfortably as possible.

Along with exceptional medical care, Joliet Area Community Hospice (JACH) offers emotional and spiritual support to their patients and families along with complementary therapy services to enhance the care. Therapies offered to our patients include speech, physical and occupational therapy along with various forms of relaxation therapy.

Music therapy is used to help reduce physical symptoms of pain, agitation and shortness of breath. It can help ease the feelings of depression and anxiety. Low music playing or singing can be a comfort.

Pet therapy is interaction with animals. Patients and caregivers may choose to pet, cuddle or hug the animals. Some have more movement and actively are involved by throwing a ball to the animal. Pet therapy helps relax the patient and removes some stress and anxiety. It helps lower blood pressure and reduces physical pain.  

Massage therapy works through the sense of touch to nurture, relax and comfort patients. Sometimes it is only the presence of the therapist holding the patient’s hand that brings peace and relaxation.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to bring calming effects to patients who may be agitated, restless or depressed. Caregivers may also benefit from the oils.

Our JACH interdisciplinary teams in conjunction with the patient/family put in place a unique care plan for each patient that can include these and other complementary therapies.

For more information on hospice or the services Joliet Area Community Hospice provides, call 815-740-4104 or visit Joliet Area Community Hospice is our community’s choice for exceptional not for profit hospice care. A United Way Agency.