Hospice Focuses on Comfort Care


For some, the word hospice can be frightening because it is associated with end of life. Understanding the benefits that hospice provides helps to dispel the fears. Joliet Area Community Hospice (JACH) offers expert specialized care for pain and symptom management for your loved one, whether they are in hospice or our palliative care program. Family and care-givers also benefit.

  • Hospice care is provided wherever “home” is; in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and in the patient’s home. This gives a sense of comfort and familiarity. There is also our JACH 16 bed In-patient hospice home.
  • Teams made up of physicians, nurses, CNAs, social workers, chaplains and bereavement counselors work together to create an individualized plan unique to each patient, which include the patient’s goals for end of life.
  • JACH offers 24/7 support to families and care-givers. There are volunteers who can make visits to sit with patients or allow family members or care givers a little time to themselves.
  • Aside from the medical, psycho-social, emotional, and spiritual care for patients, complementary therapies such as music, art, pet, aroma, and massage including reiki are available. Each of these offers ways to ease pain and stress, bring comfort, and experience joy and tranquility.
  • Patients are allowed to die with dignity. There are no loud machines or constant poking. No more invasive procedures or unnecessary testing. Curative measures are replaced with comfort measures.
  • The focus is on living each moment to the fullest and not the next procedure. Families and patients can spend more meaningful time together.
  • After the death of a loved one, families and care-givers are offered grief support through individual, group counseling and/or workshops designed to help with coping skills.

If you or a loved one need hospice care, call Joliet Area Community Hospice at 815-740-4104 for information and peace of mind. JACH is a not-for-profit United Way Agency.