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Tips To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents


Eighty percent of all reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Do everything you can to keep you and other motorcycle riders safe.

Gear up. Wear long pants and sleeves made of leather or another thick, protective material, as well as gloves, eye protection and durable boots that cover your ankles.

Be seen. Wear bright colors and add reflective elements to both your clothing and bike. Use your headlight, day or night.

Wear a full-face, Department of Transportation-approved helmet at all times —Without one, you're twice as likely to suffer traumatic brain injury from a crash. 2 Replace your motorcycle helmet every five years or after a crash.

Be alert. Texting motorists are a very real danger, so be ready for sudden lane changes and swerves. Watch for patches of sand, potholes, railroad tracks and other road hazards motorcyclists.

Beware intersections. Half of all crashes occur at intersections. 1 A motorist turning left in front of you is perhaps the most common cause.

Never drink or speed. More than 40 percent of motorcycle riders who die in single-vehicle crashes are alcohol-impaired, and speed is at play in more than a third of fatal crashes.

Avoid bad weather. Study up on safe ways to ride in the rain, wind, or whatever type of challenge Mother Nature tends to offer in your particular locale, in case you get stuck in it.

Get schooled. If you're a new motorcyclist, take a motorcycle safety course. It's a good idea for experienced riders to take refresher courses, too

A heads-up for motorists: Collisions with motorcycles are usually the non-motorcycle driver's fault. Remember, motorcyclists have the same rights as other drivers. Check your blind spot, signal your intentions and avoid distractions.

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